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Conservation Values and Expert Hands:

'Saving Our Past For The Future’


Our mission is to imbue your cherished but tired and threadbare textiles with restored happiness – we have the experience, technical skill and enthusiasm. We love what we do and take particular care to understand our client’s needs. We have been in business since 2001 and operate from the Perth area. We travel widely within the UK to meet clients, inspect and consult on work; each job presents different challenges.

Our well-trained fingers are always busy, working conservation stitches through many beautiful pieces: tapestry, embroidery, carpets, rugs, furnishing textiles, banners, costume, upholstery fabrics, lace and ecclesiastical embroidery. Perhaps you have some precious things slumbering in your attic – we would love to help bring them to life!

Sophie Younger (Director), an ICON accredited conservator has directed the business for over 19 years.

Sophie Younger in her workshop

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ICON - Approved version - accredited member

Sophie Younger BA(Hons) MPhil ACR has over 25 years working experience and is accredited by our professional body ICON in both textile and collections care (Institute of Conservation - 2006). Please get in touch for an opinion on your objects, our service is personal and we are dedicated.

Email: office@yconservation.com