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Sofvac© cleaning product

The Sofvac© product has been designed to make the cleaning of Historic Textiles safer and easier, it can be applied to any 30mm vacuum cleaner hoze and consists of a nozzle covered with a robust and detachable nylon net covering.

The broad nozzle shape enhances cleaning. The design works particularly well over fringes and ends of carpets, it not only makes cleaning safer but also easier. Improved cleaning helps to reduce the risk of pests in a property such as moth and carpet beetles.

The prototype has been used at Falkland Palace, Mary McBain the Head Housekeeper carries it around, in her pocket, during her cleaning round and attaches it to the vacuum cleaner’s hose when it is needed – she takes it home to wash regularly with no detrimental effect to the netting. A non biological and simple detergent is recommended.

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