Our services are in textile conservation, collection care and the science of related materials & objets d’art.

  • Consultations – in textiles and the science of textiles & objets d’art
  • Surveys – made to measure
  • Estimates – for single items & whole collections
  • Treatments – for textiles and other disciplines by request
  • Science – understanding materials
  • Conservation housekeeping – includes light & dust management
  • Pests – includes inspections, identifications, eradication and advice
  • Disaster planning & salvage work
  • Project management – exhibition, events & site work
  • Policy & best practice documentation
  • Display & storage solutions
  • Training, lectures, visits & events

We believe in informed decision making and professional ethics. We promote co-operative decision making. We  appreciate the many aspects that authenticate objects such as: history, context, function, form, materials, art and aesthetics.

We are happy to provide technical services and material analysis if required as well as follow-up support services, such as training.

We have over 12 years of business experience and offer a friendly service based on  quality, good judgement and professionalism.